Warman Minor Softball Association
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WMSA Bylaws


Article I: Name

1.1 The name of the Association shall be “Warman Minor Softball Association”.
1.2 The operation of the Association shall be chiefly carried on in the City of Warman and surrounding area, in the Province of Saskatchewan.
1.3 The address of the Association to which communications shall be sent is 306 Cornerbrook Court, Warman, Sk, S0K 0A1.

Article II: Definitions / Interpretations

2.1 ‘WMSA or Association’ means the Warman Minor Softball Association.
2.2 ‘Officers or Executive’ means the directors who are the officers of WMSA.
2.3 ‘Community’ means the City of Warman and surrounding area.
2.4 ‘Year’ means the period from January 1 in any calendar year and up to and including December 31 in the same year and ‘fiscal year’ shall refer to the same period of time.
2.5 ‘Parent/Guardian’ means the legal guardian of a player.
2.6 ‘Active member’ means any adult who, during the current fiscal year, was a parent/guardian of a boy/girl registered with WMSA; a coach; or a member of the Executive.
2.7 ‘Residence’ means the primary residence of the player’s parent/guardian.
2.8 ‘AGM’ means the Annual General Meeting.

Article III: Objective

3.1 The objective of the Association shall be:
3.1.1 To be responsible for the development, improvement, promotion and regulation of minor softball within the City of Warman and surrounding area and within the framework of Softball Saskatchewan and Softball Canada.
3.1.2 To promote and encourage goodwill, sportsmanship, citizenship, and leadership; to provide recreation; develop physical skills; and to encourage healthy lifestyles.
3.1.3 To arrange and organize teams, tryouts, and practises.
3.1.4 To provide an opportunity for the youth of our community to enter into Provincial, Western, or Canadian competitions.

Article IV: Membership

4.1 Membership in WMSA is open to any parent/guardian of a youth who shall be registered in WMSA during the current year.
4.2 ‘Members’ mean any adult who, during the year, was a parent/guardian of a youth registered with WMSA, a coach, or a member who was on the Executive during the current year.
4.3 Persons of unsuitable character and temperament may be refused membership by a majority vote of the Executive.

Article V: Affiliation & Registrations

5.1 All players who wish to play under the auspices of the WMSA must register with WMSA and have his/her parent/guardian complete the required consent.
5.2 Players from outside the Community may become affiliated with WMSA but must obtain a release from their community and be approved by the WMSA Executive.
5.3 Teams from WMSA who wish to compete in Provincial competition shall be responsible to register their team and make payment to Softball Saskatchewan.
5.4 WMSA shall approve all provincial rosters prior to being submitted to Softball Saskatchewan.
5.5 In an event that WMSA does not have a team in a division that a player wishes to play on, a release will be issued by WMSA to that player so he/she is able to play on a team in a different centre in their age division and appropriate to their skill level.
5.6 No player shall register with a team outside the WMSA area except with written consent of the WMSA President.

Article VI: Executive Committee

6.1 The Executive Committee shall consist of nine (9) directors.
6.2 The primary officers shall serve for a two-year term as determined by Article 7.3.
6.3 Officers shall be eligible for re-election.
6.4 Any vacancy occurring among the officers between Annual Meetings shall be filled by a person appointed by the Executive, with such person to hold office until the next Annual Meeting following such appointment.
6.5 Any Officer who misses three consecutive Executive Meetings without giving due reason to the President shall be removed from the Executive.

Article VII: Officers of the Executive

7.1 The Officers of Warman Minor Softball Association shall be:
7.1.1 President
7.1.2 Vice-President
7.1.3 Secretary
7.1.4 Treasurer
7.1.5 Equipment Co-ordinator
7.1.6 Boys Co-ordinator
7.1.7 Mites Co-ordinator
7.1.8 Blastball/Rookies Co-ordinator
7.1.9 Past President
7.2 The Officers for WMSA shall be elected at the AGM. Voting will be by SECRET ballot.
7.3 The President and Secretary shall be elected in even years for a two-year term. The Vice-President and Treasurer shall be elected in odd years for a two-year term. All other positons are to be elected annually.
7.4 The Executive members of WMSA are volunteers and receive no remuneration.

Article VIII: Powers & Duties of the Executive

8.1 The President shall:
8.1.1 Preside at all meeting of WMSA at which he/she is present.
8.1.2 To maintain discipline and regulations regarding the players playing ball
under the auspices of WMSA.
8.1.3 To consider all concerns and to invoke the suspension of any player, manager,
or coach where it is a purely local nature.
8.1.4 To maintain general discipline as to insure the proper function of WMSA. The
President’s decision shall be absolute and final. He/she may not be replaced until the next Annual Meeting.
8.1.5 Shall only vote in the case of a tie.
8.1.6 In the event of an emergency shall exercise, in addition to the powers
invested in the President by these bylaws, all duties and powers of the Executive when it is impossible to obtain a vote of the Executive.
8.1.7 In the event that it is inconvenient to call an Executive meeting, conduct a vote of the Executive by telephone or other electronic means. Any motion voted upon by this method shall be deemed passed if a majority of the persons entitled to vote are in favor of the motion and such motion, when passed, shall have the same force and effect as a motion passed at a regular Executive meeting.
8.1.8 Shall give final approval to all releases and transfers of players.
8.1.9 Perform such other duties as may be required.
8.2 The Vice-President shall:
8.2.1 Assist the President in the performance of his/her duties.
8.2.2 Have all powers and perform all duties of the President in his/her absence.
8.3 The Secretary shall:
8.3.1 Record the minutes of general meetings, Executive meetings, and special
meetings of WMSA.
8.3.2 Act as custodian for correspondence relating to the affairs of WMSA.
8.3.3 Keep an up-to-date accurate attendance record of all Executive
8.4 The Treasurer shall:
8.4.1 Keep accurate accounts of all money received and distributed on
behalf of WMSA during each year.
8.4.2 Present a Financial Report at the Annual Meeting duly audited and fully
setting out the financial position of WMSA.

8.5 The Equipment Co-ordinator shall:
8.5.1 Ensure the safe keeping of all WMSA equipment and uniforms.
8.5.2 Purchase equipment and uniforms as needed with approval of the Executive.
8.6 The Boys Co-ordinator shall:
8.6.1 Be the liaison for any concerns regarding the Squirt / Pee Wee Boys program.
8.7 The Mites Co-ordinator shall:
8.7.1 Be the liaison for any concerns regarding the Mites program.
8.8 The Blastball/Rookies Co-ordinator shall:
8.8.1 Be the liaison for any concerns regarding the Blastball/Rookies program.
8.9 The Past President shall:
8.9.1 Provide guidance and assistance, as required, to members of the Executive.
8.10 Any vacancy occurring on the Executive of WMSA shall be filled, for the balance of the term, by appointment of the Executive.
8..11 The Officers shall, subject to and in compliance with the Bylaws of WMSA, carry on the work and administer the affairs of WMSA.

Article IX: Annual General Meeting

9.1 The Annual General Meeting of WMSA shall take place in October of each year.
9.2 The order of business for the Annual General Meeting shall be determined by the Executive at the time of calling the meeting but shall include:
9.2.1 Call to Order
9.2.2 Reading of the minutes of the last AGM
9.2.3 President’s report
9.2.4 Treasurer’s report
9.2.5 Correspondence
9.2.6 Election of Officers
9.2.7 Provision for such other business as may be brought before the meeting
9.3 Any motion given to the President 30 days prior to the Annual General Meeting shall be:
9.3.1 Sent in an email to all members 20 days prior to the Annual General Meeting.
9.3.2 If it does not enact or repeal a bylaw, it must be passed with a 50% majority
of eligible voters at the Annual General Meeting.
9.3.3 If it enacts or repeals a bylaw, it must be passed with a 75% majority of
eligible voters at the Annual Meeting.
9.4 Any motions presented at the AGM shall be tabled for Executive review and discussion with a decision made prior to start of the next softball season.
9.5 Only ‘active’ members will be allowed to vote at the Annual Meeting.
9.6 The quorum for the AGM shall be a minimum of ten (10) members present at the AGM.
9.7 All voting for any meetings of WMSA shall be by a show of hands, except if two or more persons present at a meeting request a secret ballot. At that time, a secret ballot shall be conducted by the Secretary.

Article X: Executive Meetings

10.1 The Officers of WMSA shall meet at such time and place as may be determined by the President provided that:
10.1.1 At least one week’s notice in writing of any and all such meetings shall be
given to each member on the Executive.
10.1.2 With consent of all members, a meeting shall be held at any time and place
without such notice.
10.1.3 The quorum necessary for the transaction of business at an Executive
meeting shall be 60% of the officers.

Article XI: Special Meeting

11.1 A special general meeting shall be called by the President, by a majority vote of the Executive or upon written request to the Secretary by 25% of the ‘active’ membership.
11.2 Upon receiving such a request, a notice of meeting shall be prepared and sent to members and no business other than that mentioned in the notice shall be transacted at such meeting.

Article XII: Committees

12.1 Committees for carrying on any part of the work or any special work or any of the objectives of WMSA shall be appointed by the Executive. The committees so formed shall, in the exercise of the powers so delegated, conform to any regulation that may be imposed upon them by the Executive and shall be responsible to the Executive.

Article XIII: Registration

13.1 Player registration shall be accepted ONLINE for all divisions.
13.2 Registration dates for the various divisions shall be:
13.2.1 Blastball, Rookies, Mites — January 1st to March 15th.
13.2.2 Squirt and Pee Wee boys — January 1st to January 31st
13.2.3 Bantam / Midget boys must apply to be included in an upcoming season.
13.3 No player shall be allowed to register after March 15th. Any exceptions would be at the approval of the President.
13.4 Registration fees for the WMSA program shall be reviewed annually and determined by the Executive Committee.
13.5 The ‘late’ registration fee shall be: $ 25.00
13.6 Registration cancellation fee shall be: $ 40.00
13.7 A player whose name appears on the roster of a specific team becomes the property of that team. If a transfer is requested, written consent from the Team Coach must be submitted to the WMSA President for final approval.

Article XIV: League Play

14.1 WMSA teams in the Blastball Division shall play games against other Warman teams.
14.2 WMSA teams in the Rookie Division shall play interlocking games against Martensville teams.
14.3 WMSA teams in the Mites Division shall play interlocking games against Martensville teams.
14.4 WMSA teams in the Squirt and Pee Wee Boys Divisions shall play in the Saskatoon Minor Softball League (SMSL); whenever possible.
14.1.1 All teams playing in the SMSL must adhere to their rules.

Article XV: Finances

15.1 All monies received by WMSA shall forthwith be deposited to the credit of WMSA in such financial institution as may be approved by the Executive.
15.2 All payments required to be paid by WMSA shall be made by cheque under the signature of the Treasurer and one of either the President or Vice-President.
15.3 The financial year of WMSA shall be from January 1st to December 31st of each year.
15.4 Any and all books and records of WMSA shall be open for inspection by any member of WMSA at such time and place as may be determined by the Executive.

Article XVI: Purchase Limitations

16.1 The purchase limit for items without authorization is $100. Any purchases greater than this amount must have approval of the WMSA Executive before the transaction can be finalized.
16.2 Quotes are to be received from at least ‘3’ companies for equipment/uniforms being purchased for WMSA.

Article XVII: Insurance

17.1 WMSA shall ensure that the required insurance is purchased to cover the cost of equipment, supplies and the garage.

Article XVIII: Suspension or Probation

18.1 No WMSA Executive member or any team management personnel shall appear on any playing field where softball is being played under the auspices of WMSA while under the influence of alcohol or narcotics.
18.2 Any person connected in any way with WMSA may be suspended from any involvement in the Association for any conduct on or off the playing field which, in the judgement of the Executive, is detrimental to the game of softball and:
18.2.1 Softball Saskatchewan shall immediately be made aware of any suspension
of a member of our Association.
18.2.2 Such suspension shall take effect immediately upon notification of such
decision to the person concerned.
18.2.3 Shall be for such length of time as determined by the Executive.

18.2.4 May be lifted by the Executive upon such terms and conditions as the
Executive may deem appropriate.
18.3 A suspension of any person shall be subject to appeal so suspended, and the procedure of such appeal shall be:
18.3.1 A person wishing to appeal a decision made by the Executive shall
deliver his/her signed ‘notice of appeal’ to the WMSA President and also to
the Coach of the team with whom he/she had been associated. This must be
accompanied by such evidence in support of the appeal and delivered to the
President within seven (7) days from the date he/she received notice of the
decision now being appealed.
18.3.2 The Executive shall hear such appeal within seven (7) days of receipt of the
‘notice of appeal’ by the President and shall upon the request of the
appellant, hear the appellant in person together with such evidence as the
appellant may deem appropriate to present to the Executive, upon two (2)
days prior notice to the appellant of the place, date and time of the hearing
of the appeal.
18.3.3 The decision of the Executive shall be deemed FINAL and a report shall be
signed by the President within three (3) days from the hearing of the appeal.
The President shall ensure that one copy is delivered to the appellant, one
copy to the Coach of the team involved, and one copy to be retained with
the permanent records of WMSA.

Article XIX: Miscellaneous Procedures

19.1 WMSA team coaches, managers or Executive shall not be responsible for accidents occurring in practise, league, playoff or tournament games, or in transporting of players to and from games. All accidents are to be reported to the WMSA President. Accident insurance through Softball Saskatchewan is compulsory.
19.2 No team or group of teams shall use the name of WMSA for any tournament, fundraising program or any other purpose without the permission of the Executive.
19.3 At least one coach per team shall obtain proper certification for the level of play they are coaching.
19.3.1 WMSA Executive shall consider payment of clinics attended.
19.4 A Criminal Record check is required for all team personnel.
19.5 All team apparel for players, coaches, and parents must be approved by the Executive before purchasing.
19.6 Special rules may be applicable for each division and shall be provided by the Executive.
19.7 The Official Rulebook of Softball Canada shall be followed except where modified by the Executive of the Saskatoon Minor Softball League.
19.8 The Bylaws of Softball Saskatchewan must be adhered to and enforced as well as the official rules and regulations.

Article XX: Alteration of Bylaws

20.1 The Bylaws of WMSA shall not be altered except by:
21.1.1 A special resolution to enact or repeal Bylaws approved by the Executive , or
21.1.2 A seventy-five (75%) majority at an AGM to enact or repeal Bylaws.