Warman Minor Softball Association
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Warman Minor Ball Equipment (WMSA) Recommendations

  • Face Mask - Protective infield face masks are required for athletes playing in the pitching position.  A face mask will be provided by WMSA per team.
  • Helmet - Each athlete must have their own helmet with an attached face mask. (Can be purchased at most athletic stores in Saskatoon)
  • Cleats - Running shoes may be worn however, there is much less traction & may cause the athlete to slip on shale/dirt/grass.  
  • Bat – Softball bats are provided by WMSA
  • Glove – If purchasing a new glove, it would be a good idea to talk with your coach or have an expert guide you. 
  • Batting glove  Some athletes prefer to not wear any batting gloves, this is purely optional.
  • Catcher’s equipment – A set of catchers’ equipment is provided by WMSA.
  • Medical equipment – It is the athlete’s responsibility to bring any and all of their own medical equipment with them such as inhalers, an EpiPen, insulin, etc. they may require as well as know how to use them or have a parent in attendance at all times.

If you have ANY questions about uniforms or equipment please don’t hesitate to ask your coach or contact the equipment manager.



T-shirt will be provided by WMSA